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While most cases of scoliosis — abnormal curvature of your spine — are mild, if scoliosis progresses, it can become incredibly disabling. With the help of the leading pain specialists at Regency Pain & Therapy Institute, with one location in Mansfield, Texas, you or your child can receive innovative care for scoliosis and prevent further spinal deformities. Learn more about modern scoliosis treatments by booking a consultation by calling our office today.

Scoliosis Q & A

Why does scoliosis occur?

Scoliosis is a chronic condition that causes your spine to curve — C-shaped or S-shaped —  in your upper back. This condition most often develops in childhood, especially during puberty-related growth spurts.

Medical experts do not have a clear understanding as to why some children and young adults are more likely to develop scoliosis and related symptoms than others. But they do recognize that several risk factors can increase your chances of developing scoliosis, including:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Birth defects
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Spinal injuries or infections
  • A family history of scoliosis

Both boys and girls develop cases of scoliosis at equal rates. Usually, though, scoliosis tends to worsen in girls, which ultimately requires treatment.

What are the symptoms of scoliosis?

Scoliosis might not cause any signs or symptoms initially. It might just be something your doctor finds during an exam and then confirms with an X-ray. If scoliosis continues to progress, you or your child might experience any of the following signs or symptoms.

  • Difficulty standing up straight
  • Ribs that stick out farther on one side
  • Uneven waist or one hip that’s higher
  • Numbness or weakness in your legs
  • Uneven shoulders or one more prominent shoulder

In more severe states, scoliosis decreases the amount of space between bones in your chest, which can compress your lungs and reduce their ability to function properly.

Can I get treatment for scoliosis?

Absolutely. If your child has a confirmed scoliosis diagnosis, it’s often best to monitor them every four to six months to see if the condition progresses. Sometimes, wearing a back brace is essential to prevent further curvature. Your doctor at Regency Pain & Therapy Institute is likely going to discontinue brace therapy after your child’s bones stop growing.

If you or your child have more severe scoliosis, surgery may be recommended to prevent further spinal curvature. Scoliosis surgery fuses two, or more, vertebrae together to stop them from twisting out of proper alignment. For younger children, the surgeon can implant a metal rod that adjusts in length as your child grows.

The expert practitioners at Regency Pain & Therapy Institute work diligently to ensure resolution of your or your child’s scoliosis, no matter how minor or how severe the case may be.

If you have scoliosis, schedule an evaluation at Regency Pain & Therapy Institute and get started on treatment right away. You can call any office to book.